Lazar Ristovski

Niš Film Festival 2019

The roaring applause of the audience at the second festival night of the “Film Meetings” in Niš hailed the cast of the film “King Peter I”, led by Lazar Ristovski, that took their bow after the screening.

– Thank you for this warm acclaim, for the applause you have given me and my colleagues. This is the 40th year I come to this festival. Thank you for all those years, and for being the most wonderful audience in the world – said Lazar Ristovski.

The cast that took the festival stage included Nebojsa Kundacina, Danica Ristovski, Radovan Rasa Vujovic and the young Ivan Vujic who plays the boy-corporal Momcilo Gavric in the film.

As the evening progressed, the audience saw the film “What a country!” (“Koja je ovo država!”), a Serbian-Croatian production starring Lazar Ristovski as well.

It is worth recalling that two years ago, Lazar Ristovski was presented with the “Pavle Vuisic Award”, which is presented for outstanding contribution to Serbian cinema.

On that occasion Lazar noted: – Being a prophet in your village is ever so difficult, and so is getting recognition from one’s colleagues. Thus when you receive those awards, they are truly the most significant. I am delighted to receive this award, and I thank Pavle Vuisic for having been such a great actor. If it wasn’t for him, this award wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t have received it. To me, this award represents a Serbian Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.

Lazar Ristovski is the record holder for the number of awards received at the Niš festival. In fact he has won the Grand Prix four times and the Emperor Constantine Award two times, as well as several other awards.

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Here is a review of the most important roles played by Lazar Ristovski.

He has displayed his outstanding thespian skills in „Hajka” (1977), „Svetozar Marković“ (1981), „Igmanski marš“ (1983), „Tako se kalio čelik“ (1988), „Original falsifikata“ (1991), „Tito i ja“ (1992), „Underground“ (1995), „Balkanska pravila“ (1997), „Bure baruta“ (1998), “Belo odelo” (1999), “Bumerang” (2001), „Mali svet“ (2003), „Pad u raj“ (2004), „San zimske noći“ (2004). „Sveti Georgije ubiva aždahu“ (2009.), „Dnevnik mašinovođe” (2016) and „Kralj Petar Prvi“ (2018)

Lazar Ristovski has also worked as a director and producer of the feature “The White Suit“, which had its world premiere in Cannes in 2000 within the CRITIC WEEK program. He directed his second film “White Lions”  in 2011.

He has produced 18 feature films.

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