Lazar Ristovski

Lazar Ristovski wins the annual Vrbas Municipality Award

A formal session of the Vrbas Municipal Assembly, marking the Vrbas Municipality Day, was held on Sunday 20 October, and traditionally, the Vrbas Municipality Award is presented. This award is given to individuals and organizations who have achieved results that are significant to the entire community. This year, the Award Commission of the Municipality of Vrbas made the decision to select Lazar Ristovski, actor, director, writer and producer, founder of “Ravno Selo Film Festival”, originally from Ravno Selo.


Lazar Ristovski is the founder of the festival, whose main organizer is the production company Zillion film. Ravno Selo Film Festival is a festival of debut, student film and film music, aimed primarily at young people in the area. Through its activities, the festival seeks to bring film, as well as filmmakers, closer to them, thus encouraging them to study and create, but also to enrich their viewing experience, and therefore artistic development.

In addition to the municipal leadership, representatives of institutions, organizations, public companies, provincial authorities and national councils, the session was attended by representatives of municipalities and cities of Serbia, as well as fraternal and partner cities from Montenegro, Croatia and Hungary, reports the willow municipal website.


Attendees were greeted by the Mayor of the Municipality of Vrbas, who congratulated the holiday on the inhabitants of all populated places, and then the Mayor took the floor, using the opportunity to introduce the guests to the results and plans for the future.


The Lazar Ristovski Award was given by Milan Glusac.

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