Lazar Ristovski was born on 10/26/1952 in Ravno Selo in the province of Vojvodina. He graduated from the Teacher College in Sombor, and then completed the Belgrade Academy of Dramatic Arts, graduating as an actor. He lives and works in Belgrade. At the beginning of his career he was deeply dedicated to theater where he masterfully played the classical
repertoire including Shakespeare and Moliere; well-known are his creations of Hamlet at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival – directed by Oscar winner Jiri Menzel, and his interpretations of Don Juan and Amadeus. He appeared in many productions of plays by local writers such as Dušan Kovačević, Aca Popović, Stevan Koprivica, Siniša Kovačević, Radoslav Pavlović. He delivered more than 4,000 performances.

He also appeared in more than 80 films, TV series and TV dramas – mostly in leading roles.

Memorable are his roles in Podzemlje (Underground), Tito i ja, Do koske, Tako se kalio čelik, Bure baruta, Balkanska pravila, Boomerang, Pad u raj, Mali svet, Sveti Georgije ubiva aždahu. He also appeared in Hollywood productions: The November Man, Casino Royal, Along the Roadside. He starred in a number of European movies as well.
As a producer, he completed thirteen feature films and has directed two: The White Suit and Beli Lavovi. The White Suit – his fully authored project – had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 1999 and was the Yugoslav candidate for the Academy Award.

He made one of the most significant movie roles in his directorial debut with his son, Peter Ristovsky, in “King Peter I”.

He is the recipient of numerous national and international prizes and recognitions. The Sterija Award, The October Prize of the city of Belgrade, the Živojin Zika – Pavlović Award, the Sergey Bondarchuk Award, three Grand Prix at the Niš Film Encounters, the Crystal Prism, the Zoran Radmilović Award, the Golden Orlando at the Dubrovnik Festival, the Best Actor prize at the Valladolid Festival, as well as many others…

He is the honorary citizen of Zemun.

He has also written two novels, one collection of poems and two story books.

In collaboration with his two sons – Petar and Jovan, Lazar is an owner of the production company called Zillion film.

Portraits and drawings


Two novels, one collection of poems and two story books.


Producer and co-producer of 18 films.


He has successfully directed two films.